A photo of a single page of a note book, graphed out in squares with a colour code for planting
This is where my 2020 garden started, but definitely not where it ended up!

I feel like there may be a lot of new blogs that are released in and around this time of year. Somewhere between new years resolutions and the new number on the calendar inciting change. I think I’m closer to the second. Basil Bee is something I’ve been working on for a few months now, but my original intention was no where near a blog. It was an edible landscaping company. While that dream still exists in some format, it lives on as more a consulting gig than a full blown company. Like landscape design. No, not “like” landscape design, as a landscape designer. I’m learning to be more careful with my words.

Let’s hear it for the parasite that has over-hauled my life, Cecilia
This wonderful photo of Cecilia and I was captured my Mariel Nelms Photography. Click on the photo to see more of her phenomenal work!

This blog, while started at an opportune time of year full of new goals and plans for others, is a necessity of mine, or at least it feels that way. I’ve been half-assed blogging for a few years now with my “full time” gig. I say that term in quotes because between having a baby in 2019, having a few emergency surgeries along with her, then the 2020 pandemic overhauling my industry (did I mention that I’m a wedding coordinator by day?) I’ve lost a lot of what previously existed as a full time job, and honestly, I’ve lost the passion to write about it. While weddings are my thing, it’s where I want to be and what I want to be doing most of the time, it’s not safe right now and safety is numero uno. Anyway, I was half assing the blog because while I enjoy weddings immensely, I have so many more things to write about than just the latest trends and the best ways to save money, and they didn’t all fit into the format and tone I set there. (If you want to learn more about my bee empire, aka my wedding planning business, checkout

Basket filled with mostly green yums with some red tomato and purple basil. Included in the basket are cucumbers, basil, sweet peppers, spicy peppers, cilantro, cherry tomatoes
One small harvest from my 2020 garden, just because
you’re seeing “pickling” cukes, basil, more basil, cherry tomatoes, mini what were supposed to be beefsteak tomatoes, and so many yummy spicy peppers.

Enter Basil Bee. This is a lifestyle blog. My lifestyle. I write whatever makes me happy here and some of the content will be valuable to you for more than entertainment, and some will be more valuable for me than for anyone else. And that makes me happy. I can share about the things I make and create, the things I wish I had time for, and the random stuff I’m learning through school and being a mom. This satisfies that necessity I feel to tell a story, to share my thoughts, to maybe try to make a difference. I feel like I have so much to say and while I don’t know who might want to read it, I know at least it’s not stuck inside me any more. Hey, maybe it’s just therapeutic.

So over the next however long I’m here doing this, you will get a good feel for me, for how I do things, and maybe even learn a thing or too.

Welcome to Basil Bee.


noun: to make a plan or do with meaning
watch for this word though the year, it’s a buzz word for me.

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